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The Nutrition Network is here to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving your goals in all areas of your life. Our holistic approach to health has encouraged the growth of a supportive network of aligned services available in the mid coast region.


Tree of Vida Acupuncture with Sara Laharnar

Tree of Vida Acupuncture are dedicated to providing holistic eastern medicine for women at all stages of their lives.
From menstrual difficulties, infertility and pregnancy, to menopausal imbalances and most health needs in between.
They focus on your mind, body and emotions to find the underlying cause of your condition.


Mid Coast Allied Health with Aaron & Justine Lea

A health collective created by husband-and-wife duo Aaron & Justine, who aim to provide members with the highest quality physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, kinesiology and coaching.


Resolve and Evolve with Jess Karnaghan

Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching to optimise your potential.

Aligned Practitioners: Services
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